Research Journal of Chemical and Environmental Sciences

{Bi monthly Referred /Peer Reviewed International Journal of Chemical and Environmental Sciences}
{Published By:
Academy for Environment and Life Sciences, Agra, U.P. INDIA}

Online ISSN 2321-1040
RJCES Volume 2 [1] February 2014


 1. Environmental Biotechnology: Achievements, Perception and Prospects: A Review
     Charu Jhamaria, Rajesh Kr Yadav
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 2. Treatment of Effluent from Basic Drug Industries
      Savita Dubey
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3. Ion Exchange Properties of Synthesized Cerium(IV) Phosphate
    A P Apsara and B Beena
    [Abstract in HTML] [Full Text in PDF]

4. Iodized Salt Consumption at Household Level and their Corresponding Median Urinary Iodine
    A.K.Obidul Huq
    [Abstract in HTML] [Full Text in PDF]

5. Validation of Tropical Artificial Soil by Acute Toxicity Studies on Eisenia Fetida against
     K. S. Abbiramy, P. Ronald Ross and J. Paramanandham
     [Abstract in HTML] [Full Text in PDF]

6. Determination of Pesticide Residues in Brinjal Matrix: Estimation of Uncertainty Factors
     Sandeep K. Singh, Dileep K. Singh
     [Abstract in HTML] [Full Text in PDF]

7. Large Scale Isolation of Camptothecin from Nothapodytes Foetida: An Improved Process
     Neeraj Varma
     [Abstract in HTML] [Full Text in PDF]

8. Reproductive Potential of Male House Rats (Rattus rattus) Inhabiting South-West Region of Punjab
     Parkash Singh and Gurinder Kaur Sangha
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9. Residual persistence and efficacy of different pesticides against spotted boll worm on okra crop
    Khalid Mahmood, Saleem Eijaz, Moazzam Ali Khan , Aamir Alamgir , Syed Shahid Shoukat
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10. Conservation Status of Vateria Indica (Linn.) And Prediction of Potential Habitat Areas With
      Emphasis on Myristica Swamps Of Southern Western Ghats, India

      Roby T. J, Joyce Jose and P. Vijayakumaran Nair
      [Abstract in HTML] [Full Text in PDF]

11. Noyyal River – “Devoid Of Illness” Or Way to Illness?
       Samuel.P, Jawahar.S, Ramki.K, Vinoth.M, Kannan.A, Vishwanathan.D and Thambi Prabhakaran.A
       [Abstract in HTML] [Full Text in PDF]

12. Effect of Different Heavy Metal Pollution on Fish
      Sehar Afshan, Shafaqat Ali, Uzma Shaista Ameen, Mujahid Farid, Saima Aslam Bharwana, Fakhir
      Hannan, Rehan Ahmad
      [Abstract in HTML] [Full Text in PDF]

Erratum: This article not belongs to Original Article. It is review article and move into RJCES Vol 2 [2] 2014 Review article section. Sorry for Inconvenience] 

13. Cytological studies on few Berberis L. species
      Kumkum Mishra, Varsha Srivastava, Tariq Hussan , Priyanka Aghnihotri
      [Abstract in HTML] [Full Text in PDF]

14. Purification of recombinant streptokinases by Ion-exchange chromatography
       Hadise Azadi-Amir Heidarinasab-Aliakbar Seifkordi
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